People harrassed after their names were circulates identifying them as infected patients

Laxman Singh
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Thermal screening in Noida to check body temperature.

"Tujhe corona virus hai" (Are you infected with coronavirus?), these are the messages a-48-year-old man who was advised home quarantine has been getting in his phone since the past few days after his address and other personal details got viral on social media. From busineessman to BPO employee and cab driver in Dubai a list of eight people from Dharavi, who are told to be in home quarantine for 14 days since they had travel history of abroad, with their name, address and mobile numbers has gone viral painting them as 'coronavirus positive case'. Most of them complaint about harassment and social discrimination after their personal details were leaked.

Man, a businessman based in Dubai his wife, children and other family members live in Dharavi. After his personal details has gone viral he was flooded with calls and messages from relatives, friends asking for his health and unknown people calling him coronavirus infected person. "On March 19 my neighbour called me and inform me about viral message on WhatsApp. A photo with all personal details of eight people from Dharavi with a caption "BREAKING NEWS.... 8 PEOPLE GOT DETECTED BY CORONA VIRUS POSITIVE IN DHARAVI" , God bless them all" was sent to me. I was shocked to see all my details that needs to be confidential. I was disappointed and hurt with messege since I am not even a coronavirus positive patient. I have been told to be in home because of travel history. After this I was flooded with calls from my relatives and friends from living abroad and other part of the country asking about my health. I am tired of explaining everyone that I am not coronavirus positive and just being told to be in home quarantine, "businessman told The Indian Express.

He said that harassment and social discrimination also affected his children and father. "When my son and daughter went out many told them not come out since I am patient of coronavirus. Both came to me and asked about the problem. I have to explain them about. Similarly, my father who is also businessman in Dharavi since 50 years is asked by every other person about my health. Morover, the the unknown people started calling and messaging me 'tujhe corona virus hain ?" This is harassment I am facing due to negligence of Shahu Nagar Police station from where the list was leaked, "said the man.

Businessman landed in Mumbai on March 17 and after following the procedure he was allowed to go home. However, on March 18 doctors from BMC came at home and gave stamp of home quarantine. His home quarantine will end on March 30. Following this ordeal his wife who is doctor went to Shahu Nagar Police station on March 20 and asked them how their details were leaked from police station. He alleged that the list has name written of Shahu Nagar police station on top proving that it was leaked from police station.

"When my wife telling them how can they leak their personal details they does not have any answer. Atleast they should have clarified the on social media that the list is of home quarantine not coronavirus positive patient, "he said. At one to dodge unknown calls asking about coronavirus he started saying this number is of police official from Shahu Nagar police station.

He is also among the first few persons whom the BMC started stamping first time on March 18.

A BPO employee who is the only women in the list facing harassments in form of messages and calls from unknown people asking whether she has corona virus, if she had food.

"Since March 17, I am getting calls from random people asking about my health, did I have food and sending unwanted messages. Some also called at night at 2am, 3am and and some sent messages asking how I contracted to coronavirus. In last one week I received about 150 calls from strangers and harassed since my personal details had gone viral, "she said.

"To stop this harassment I finally started blocking people on my WhatsApp. In my building people started talking about me saying that there is corona virus patient. I also went to Shahu Nagar police station asking them about how come my personal details were leaked. They did not have any answer to it, "she said.

Women had gone to UAE on February 20 and came back on February 28. Since she had cold, fever and cough she underwent test at Kasturba hospital. However, her results were negative and civic body had advised her to be at home quarantine.

Similarly, a-29-year old cab driver in Dubai also started getting calls from unknown persons asking about virus. "My mother, brother got scared after my name started spreading with rumors in areas that I have coronavirus. I am cooperating with the authorities but my family is facing discrimination due to this message. After situation worsen I went to police station and informed them about the harassment following which situation improved, "said man.

Apart from these three there a Russian national who's details were also leaked. Officials from the BMC said that she a man who had returned from Switzerland and asked to stay in home quarantine was found roaming outside. He was later sent to Seven Hospital for quarantine.