People of different faiths donate blood at camp

Blood donation is considered as one of the most pious works that can be done for the betterment of humanity. The practice has not only become a way of serving people but also connecting with each other. Taking a cue from this, a blood donation camp was recently organized in one of the colleges of Puncha block in Purulia district of West Bengal which witnessed a huge participation of students. The unique thing about this blood donation camp was that the students who donated blood belonged to different religious communities. The students helped in organizing the camp. However, the camp was not a one-off moment that the students showed respect towards each other's religion, in the classes too they mingle whole heartedly irrespective of their religious beliefs. Adding to this, the teachers of the college too belong to different religious faiths and have been the guiding force behind these student activities. Though India is known for its religious diversity, its people have many a times proved that, for them humanity is bigger than any other religion.