People defend Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed after he was trolled for outfit at event

Many users lauded Sarfaraz Ahmed for wearing the national costume while meeting Queen Elizabeth II.

All ten skippers of the teams playing in the ICC World Cup 2019 met Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Harry just before the opening ceremony on Wednesday. Ahead of the main event, the captains met with the monarch in the Buckingham Palace for a Garden Party. While most were seen wearing formal western attire, Pakistan’s captain stood out by wearing a traditional outfit with the team blazer on top.

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Wearing the dark green official blazer over a simple white kurta-pyjamas, Sarfaraz Ahmed stood out.

Most fans from Pakistan felt proud of the meeting and praised the captain for wearing a traditional costume.

However, some were not very impressed and even took to social media to troll the Pakistani skipper. Leading the list was columnist Tarek Fatah, who ridiculed Ahmed and wrote, "I m surprised he didn t come in his Lungi-Banyan-Topi costume."

Fatah’s tweets on the Pakistani captain quickly went viral online many slammed him for his obnoxious remark. Many defended Ahmed and lauded him for wearing the tradition outfit, while others questioned why one should always abide by western norms. Many also accused Fatah of having a "colonial hangover" and lashed out at him.