People are criticizing the way Kim Kardashian sits

Kim Kardashian posted a pic of herself and suggested that pineapple juice has a surprising health benefit.

The most recent reason for criticizing Kim Kardashian? The way she sits. The reality star is no stranger to hate, but this seems a little extreme.

Over the weekend, Kardashian posted a photo of herself sitting on a countertop and wearing what looks like a one-piece swimsuit. She’s drinking pineapple juice in the image and refers to it in her caption, which reads, “Google the benefits of pineapple juice 🍍.”

If you followed her instructions, you would have found out that drinking pineapple is believed by some to make your vagina taste better. It’s something she’s mentioned in the past and even tried during an episode of “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami” back in 2013.

But the purported vagina juice isn’t what’s bothering most angry Instagrammers. It’s simply the way she’s sitting, with her legs spread. So, they’re attacking her pose in the comments.

“Should learn how to sit like a lady acts more like a dog,” one person wrote. “I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t let my wife show herself like that. End of story. Can see you aren’t raised properly, no morals whatsoever,” wrote another. “Close ur legs plz kk thx,” requested another. “Mama should teach little girls to KEEP THEIR LEGS CLOSED. But then again, how would she have become famous if her legs were closed? 🤔” said someone else. “Didn’t your mother teach you girls anything about sitting “ladylike”? Please…smdh 🙈,” echoed another. “We nearly see ur pineapple,” someone else pointed out. “Damn you have two daughters. Smfh close your legs. You are beautiful. Don’t know why you would rage a picture w your legs cocked opened.”

Tons of fans jumped to her defense, however. “lmao so its okay when a model does it but when she does it its wrong. She isn’t showing anything btw it’s a damn swimsuit. And she never asked for young children to be in her following cult,” one follower responded to a critic’s comment. “She posted a picture? In a swimsuit? Do you not go out in public in a swimsuit??” challenged another. “She has the body for it so let her be her own god damn person,” someone else pointed out. “Y’all petty, she just living her life. just because she has a kid doesn’t mean she has to be boring. she is a great role model even though she does post things like this. let her live her life damn.”

Kardashian hasn’t yet responded herself, but she’s used to this sort of criticism. Lately, everything she does seems to provoke an argument, whether it’s about what she wears , what she promotes, or what her children wear. When it comes to pleasing the masses, the girl can’t win.

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