People can't stop talking about Catherine Zeta-Jones's face

“What happened to your face?” That’s what someone asked in response to new photos Catherine Zeta-Jones posted on Instagram — and that person isn’t the only one asking.

But no one can seem to agree on what’s different about her face. The photos in question include three selfies and one family photo from Thanksgiving. Some think that the 48-year-old appears fresh-faced (we recognize that Snapchat filter) and flawless. And her followers are freaking out, insisting that this just cannot be natural.

“[S]he dips beneath the lasers……” one commenter insinuated when remarking on a photo of her, Michael Douglas, and their children. “Omg!! Too much surgeries!!” a follower wrote on her car selfie from last Saturday. “Doesn’t seem like you,” echoed another. “Too much filter for my taste,” someone else pointed out.

The crazy thing is that an overwhelming amount of her followers feel the exact opposite — that her age is obvious. “It seems so quick! She’s getting old!” someone said. “Yea real quickly,” another agreed.

Luckily, the love outweighs the hate when it comes to comments on Zeta-Jones’s photos. Most of her followers cannot stop gushing over how she’s becoming even more stunning with age.

“Still one of the prettiest women out there!” one fan said. “A real natural beauty,” another suggested. “Oh you look so good and beautiful! Please let me know how can you do it. Look thin and younger! ,””one person commented on a selfie she posted this weekend. “Timeless and beautiful ✨✨✨✨✨✨,” a fan interjected.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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