Pehredaar Piya Ki 17 August 2017 Full Episode Written Update: Will An 18-Year Old Diya Be Able To Run Thakur Mann Singh’s Family Business?

Leona Nathan
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Makers Of Pehredaar Piya Ki To Be Back With The Same Cast But A New Story

Enough with the criticism for the content, feel producers Shashi and Sumeet Mittal.

Pehredaar Piya Ki is one of the popular shows that airs on Sony TV. The story revolves around the child marriage between a 10-year-old boy and an 18-year-old. It tells the tale of an 18-year-old woman, who acts as a bodyguard and safe keeper to a 10-year-old prince, who is apparently her husband on the show. The show features Tejaswi Prakash, Afaan Khan and Suyyash Rai in pivotal roles.

Diya is all set for her first day at work, as she is the new CEO of the hotel now.While she leaves, CT stops her to give her (pretentious) blessings to Diya and everyone is shocked to see CT being so kind and encouraging towards her. Even Diya is surprised by CT’s this behaviour.

Before going to the hotel, Diya first meets the family lawyer to know certain things about the family as she feels something from the family is the reason behind Ratan’s father Thakur Mann Singh’s death and now they are behind Ratan’s life. The family lawyer asks Diya to be a little careful and also be alert at work as everyone in the family is keeping a check on her every move.

Diya reaches the hotel and everyone is surprised to see an 18-year old to be their CEO and they find her a little weird as her attire is quite not suitable for the corporate world. While they are already skeptic about her leading the family business, Diya adds to their concern by losing balance. As her footwear breaks, she happens to fall on Mohak for balance, while her sandal flys and hit a staff (someone in a higher position) from the hotel. She says sorry and moves ahead. Diya is already scared of meeting up to everyone’s expectation, and with that kind of pressure, she is unable to seem confident in front of all.

Mohak calls the maid at home and asks her to send another spare of footwear for Diya. The maid informs CT and CT’s expression says it all. Well, what happened at the hotel is definitely not a coincidence. Meanwhile, a staff provides Diya her footwear but Mohak asks Diya to not wear an ordinary footwear of a staff and brings her bathroom slippers instead, so, that she could seem as a joke to everyone. Yet, Diya wears them and walks towards her cabin nay Thakur Mann Singh’s cabin. Before she steps forward to enter, the other brother tells her to make the right impression on everyone on her first day at the hotel (indicating her slippers), as the first impression is always the last impression and hence, it is important to act right. On the other hand, Mohak tells one of his staffs to change the name plate and make one which will have Diya’s name on it.

As Diya enters the cabin, she thinks about Thakur Singh’s words of wisdom. She then tells Mohak to replace the name plate with not the one with her name but the one with Ratan Mann Singh’s name, who s true heir and the deserving one to be the CEO. She further adds, “Kindly change the chair and get her another one while reserve this chair until Ratan comes to an age where he can take over the business.”

In the upcoming episode, we will get to see more troubles coming her way. It would be interesting to watch how Diya is going to overcome all the problems and prove everyone wrong. Watch this space for more updates.