Pegasus Snoopgate Row: France to initiate a probe in the matter; Opposition attacks BJP

It is now being reported that France has now initiated a probe in the Pegasus Spygate case. As many as 300 Indians have been on the target of the NSO group's Pegasus Spyware, which is used to keep a check on the activities of certain individuals. As per the reports released by Amnesty International, as many as 50,000 individuals across the world have been targeted by Pegasus Spygate. These individuals have allegedly been spied upon and France has become the first country to launch a probe in regards to the Pegasus Snoopgate. The opposition has slammed the Modi government for allegedly using the Pegasus Spyware to curtail the Freedom of Speech, whereas the BJP has hit back and called it a planned move. Watch out for some reactions.

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