Israeli Journalist Omer Kabir, says 'Amnesty never claimed the list was of NSO | Pegasus Scandal

Biggest twist in spygate scandal In an Exclusive Interview with Times now Israeli Journalist Omer Kabir share his view about Pegasus Scandal. He Explains how can we know that who has actually been spied on via Pegasus and What should the Government do to reassure the citizens of no privacy theft? Omer Kabir also given statement about Amnesty International , he said There is some false information floating around. But NSO is not an innocent victim . After the sensational revelations of Israeli Journalist Omer Kabir on Pegasus scandal Defence Expert says India is a soft target. As a Security Analyst, I can tell you Israeli companies like Pegasus don’t leak information. You cant shoot and scoot after creating allegations. To know more watch the video!

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