Peak power demand sets record in city this winter

New Delhi, Feb 9 (PTI) Delhi’s peak power demand this winter set a new record, crossing last year's high of 4472 MW on 25 times as consumption of electricity for heating purposes soared due to prolonged cold spells.

During the winter season (November-December-January), Delhi’s peak power demand increased by over 19 percent to set a new record of 5343 MW. The peak demand this winter crossed last year’s peak power demand (of 4472 MW) on 25 days - 8 days in December 2019 and 17 days in January 2020, discom officials said.

In each of the months this season, the peak power demand was higher than the corresponding months last year. In November, it was on 19 days, on 30 days in December and on 28 days in January.

Since last year (2018-2019), the highest increase in the peak power demand during winter months was witnessed in the BSES discom BRPL’s area of South and West Delhi (more than 17 percent), followed by TPDDL’ area of North Delhi (more than 15 percent) and BYPL’s area of East and Central Delhi (more than 5 percent), the said.

Discom officials said heating load is the 'main factor' behind enhanced power consumption in winter months of Delhi. According to estimates, over 40 percent of Delhi’s power demand in winters is because of the heating load (heaters and geysers), they added.

A BSES spokesperson said discoms are fully geared to ensure adequate power availability during winter months. PTI VIT BUN DV DV