PDP Leader Surinder Chaudhary says 'Rapes will increase if Indians settle down in Kashmir'

Gupkar Gang has passed a horrifying comment. Mehbooba Mufti’s close associate Surinder Chaudhary has said that if Indians come to settle down in the Kashmir Valley then rapes will increase.

The outrageous comment comes after India is celebrating that Kashmir is finally open for all Indian citizens to buy land. However, the Gupkar Gang has welcomed the historic landmark judgment by defaming the citizens of India.

Surinder Chaudhary, PDP Leader, has said that the recent cases in Faridabad, Hathras all account for what is happening in the nation and he deduces that the same might happen in Jammu. He further goes on to talk about how states like Maharashtra and Assam demand to not have outsiders so why cannot they also do the same.

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