PCB chief Zaka Ashraf hints at major overhaul in 2013

Karachi, Oct. 7 (ANI): Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief Zaka Ashraf has hinted at an overhaul in 2013 as part of an attempt to make Pakistan the best team across all formats of the game.

Even though Pakistan have had a fairly good year, with the 3-0 Test sweep of England being the highlight, Ashraf said discipline and a focus on youth would take the team to the next level, reports The Nation.

Ashraf also pledged a reform of the PCB administration, saying the problem with Pakistan cricket was not in the system, or in its constitution, but in the people who are in charge. He said he would work to ensure the PCB would fall in line with the ICC's decision that all member boards should have free elections and be free from political intervention.

"We have given considerable latitude to players and given them the space to perform. We have been observing each and every player in the team, who is performing well and who is not. I also understand who talks a lot without producing results, so, I think 2013 is the year for an overhaul and things will be better soon," Ashraf was quoted, as saying.

"One thing must be ensured that the institution is bigger than the player. The PCB won't allow any player to offset the unity in the team, and each one will have to be responsible for their own performance. I hope there aren't any groups within the team but if there is something it will be dealt with strictly," he added.

Pakistan cricket has been riddled with infighting, indiscipline and clashes between players and the board over the last few years. Ashraf said he didn't want to rake up the past but was confident about the present, insisting that player-power in Pakistan cricket was being curtailed. (ANI)