PCB chief asks why Ijaz Butt didn't launch investigation into Mohali during his tenure

Karachi, Nov. 13 (ANI): Reacting to media reports stating that the 2011 World Cup semi final between India and Pakistan in Mohali could have been fixed, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief Zaka Ashraf has asked as to why the then PCB chief Ijaz Butt did not launch investigation into the matter during his tenure.

"I've seen the claims by the journalist, but I was not the Chairman at the time of the match in Mohali. I think it's best if my predecessor Ijaz Butt responds to the claims about that match as he was the Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board back then and he will surely know what went on before the match, what occurred after the match and what dialogues there were with various parties and why an investigation was not launched shortly after the match," Pak Passion quoted Ashraf, as saying.

Earlier on Sunday, a British newspaper had published extracts of a book by sports-betting journalist Ed Hawkins in which he claimed an Indian bookmaker had accurately predicted what would happen in Pakistan's innings against their arch-rivals.

Hawkins does not make any specific allegation of match-fixing but cites a statistician as saying the odds of the bookmaker predicting the outcome in such detail purely by chance would be 405 to one against.

Butt said he would like to see the PCB take up the issue with the ICC.

"I am no longer the Chairman and it is not right for me to say anything now but I think the current Chairman should take up this issue with the ICC. My suggestion would be that the matter should be investigated. There were a lot of allegations in Indian newspapers and even in Pakistani newspapers but there was no investigation," he said.

Responding to Ijaz Butt's request for an investigation into the match, Ashraf said:

"I'm surprised that Ijaz (Butt) is calling for an investigation now, if Mr Butt is so keen for an investigation to occur now, why has he waited to say this after such a long time, why did the investigation not happen under his Chairmanship of the Pakistan Cricket Board? After all he was still in charge of the Pakistan Cricket Board for more than six months after the match in Mohali. Butt could have initiated an enquiry the very next month after the match in Mohali, if he had wanted to." (ANI)