Paw-Some! Joe Biden's German Shepherd Major Will Become First Rescue Dog in White House; Dog Lovers Celebrate 'DOTUS' by Posting Happy Pics of Their Own Pooches

Riddhi Jadhav
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It's been a vibe of celebration on Twitter today as netizens in US express joy at their new president Joe Biden. It was announced last night that Democrat Joe Biden has taken the lead against Donald Trump as the 46th US President. And while the congratulatory tweets, pictures and videos continue to dominate, there's another reason to celebrate for all dog lovers. After four years, dogs will return to the White House, as Biden's pet German Shepherd Major will accompany him to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Major also makes history in his own way as he will be the first rescue dog to live at the White House. Not just Major, their other German Shepherd Champ will also be present and with the return of the dogs, people are too happy. Dog lovers are rejoicing and have coined the term 'DOTUS' for Dogs of the United States. Some share pictures of other pups, GIFs and photos to welcome back dogs at the White House.

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Champ has been staying with the Biden family since 2008 and lived with Biden at the U.S. Naval Observatory during Biden's two terms with former President Barack Obama. Major was adopted by the family from the Delaware Humane Association in the year 2018. From staying initially as a foster, Major has become a part of the family and now all set to move in their new residence in January 2021. As Major now makes an impression with first rescue dog in the White House, people are very happy. On the election day, people posted pictures of 'I Voted' stickers along with their dogs dressed in code of the US National flag. And now some have posted pictures of their own pets happy with the update.

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Dog lovers are really happy with DOTUS and their pooches are too. It is sure a good news to have dogs walking around the White House again. Before this Obama family’s Portuguese water dogs, Bo and Sunny were living in the White House. Major and Champ have already got their welcome on social media.