Pavan Kalyan and Trivikram Set to Rock the Boat Again

Power Star (oh yeah) Pavan Kalyan, is teaming up with director/screenwriter Trivikram Srinivas for the fifth time (counting his role as screenwriter, director and creative contributor). Why is this exciting? Well, here’s how it works;

Can you hear the heavenly sirens? Trivikram is like the gulab jamun, and Pavan Kalyan is the vanilla ice cream. The combination can never go wrong. Explanation below. (Photo: Harichillies / The Quint)

Attarintiki Daredi (Which way to my Aunt’s house), Theenmaar and Jalsa have been blockbusters that continue to entertain through the hundreds of reruns on TV – thanks to Pavan Kalyan’s presence and Trivikram’s writing.

There’s Something About...

... Pavan Kalyan that makes one want to watch him on the big screen. There isn’t just one quality that trumps the rest – like dance for Chiranjeevi, dialogues full of rage and vengeance for Venkatesh, romance for Nagarjuna – you get the idea.

Pavan Kalyan is a complete package. He is the same, regardless of the movie or the character. In Bollywood parlance, he’s like Shah Rukh Khan. He plays himself no matter what the role. And he has been watchable for over two decades now.

Trivikram’s Sorkin-ian, Alliterative Style

Trivikram, the director and screenwriter, is partly what makes this possible. His Sorkin-ian dialogues rip through multiple quips and their counters in seconds, and are dependent as much on the comic timing and body language of the actor, as they are on the words he uses.

Also, he’s deeply into alliteration. So much so that he boldly uses them where no one else would – in emotional scenes.

Boman Irani in Attarintiki DarediI want to send you to ha-vard, you made me stand in the ha-ll.I wanted to seat you on the Board-u, you made me ‘Bodi’ (shorn pate).

Trivikram has belted out breezy comic romances that have a few delightful things in common. One, the supporting cast, that includes Bramhanandam and Rao Ramesh. While Bramhanandam has established himself purely as a comedian, Rao Ramesh’s rise as a character actor seems to be never ending, and his ability to deliver Trivikram’s sarcasm remains unparalleled.

So yes, whatever the duo have in store for the public tomorrow, it’ll eventually make you throw around some sass at home, and perhaps at the workplace too. After all, what’s the point of a cool insult if you can’t use it?