Paul Heyman to Ranveer Singh: If you come up against Brock Lesnar or me there is something to fear

Rahul Sadhu
Ranveer Singh gave the catchphrase Eat, Sleep, Repeat a spin while captioning his photo with Hardik Pandya.

Paul Heyman has been getting quite a bit of attention on social media over the past week after calling out Bollywood star Ranveer Singh for using his catchphrase- Eat, Sleep, Conquer, Repeat .

Ranveer had given the catchline a spin while captioning a photo with India allrounder Hardik Pandya, moments after India beat Pakistan in the ICC World Cup match in Manchester on June 16.

While it was all fun and games for Ranveer and Pandya, the tweet caught Heyman attention who took a jab at the superstar and then claimed to send him a notice for stealing his very popular war cry. Addressing the issue Heyman spoke to the on Monday and revealed why and how things escalated so quickly and seriously.

"It got serious because Hardik Pandya instead of focusing on himself spends all of his days dreaming of being a successful global star like Brock Lesnar and Ranveer Singh decided to play Paul Heyman with him and put out a tweet. But in doing so, two of them stole a catchphrase that is a worth a lot of money to my client Brock Lesnar and me. They violated our copyright. This is something that we take very seriously and it is something they should not have done. It’s their move as to what happens next," Heyman said.

However, there has been complete radio silence from the Indian camp. "Any smart attorney will tell you that the very first thing you do in any legal defence is- shut up! That is exactly what they are doing. That is a smart move in public but can only wear so long. They are obviously following their advice of counsel," the 51-year-old said.

So is he expecting a response? "I can’t give them legal advice because my advocacy is exclusively for Brock Lesnar. I don’t advise them and if I did advice them then they would have to pay me an extraordinary amount of money upfront in advance to do so," Heyman said.

Maybe the looming shadow of Brock Lesnar is making Ranveer think twice? "I think number one, every person on the face of the planet should be scared of Brock Lesnar. He is the baddest dude on the planet," Heyman said, before firing another warning, "Secondly, anyone who engages with me in intellectual capacity should live their life in fear for going up against the greatest advocate in the history of sports and entertainment. So if you come up against Brock Lesnar or against Paul Heyman there is something to fear."

Cricket and Pop Culture

Paul Heyman has been getting some attention this week. (Source: WWE)

The entire episode played out with Singh’s tweet after India beat Pakistan in the Cricket World Cup. Interestingly, Heyman does keep a tab on everything that is popular on a global basis.

"I follow everything in the world that is a huge box office. I have great admiration for the sport of cricket and the World Cup, the popularity of the World Cup. I keep tabs on anything that enters the pop culture at the top of the charts and that is how I got to know.

"The capacity of my mind is to absorb all of this information on a global basis. So yes I do follow all of these sports and yes I do follow and protect the phrases that Lesnar and I come up with to market and publicize my client," he said.

Money in the Bank Contract

Paul Heyman does keep a tab on everything that is popular on a global basis. (Source: WWE)

Lesnar shockingly won the men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match. However, he is yet to cash it in and with pro-wrestling fans wondering when that moment would arrive, Heyman revealed that it has been decided.

"I was just talking my client Brock Lesnar 45 mins back. When I was speaking with him we actually made the decision as to whether we are going to challenge Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship or Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship and exactly to the day when we are going to do it," he said.