From 'patriot' Godse to disenfranchise Muslims: Twitter digs up old stories to bolster Shiv Sena's 'secular' credentials

People have a long memory. And today, thanks to technology it has become extremely easy to remind others of bygone days and past choices.

On Thursday, even as the Shiv Sena joined hands with the Congress and the NCP to form the Maharashtra government, Twitter user brought forth the party's not-so-secular past.

From demanding that the words “secular” and “socialist” be “permanently removed” from the Constitution’s Preamble to calling Nathuram Godse a 'patriot', the party has made headlines on many occasions.

Other memorable times include their demand that the voting rights of Muslims be revoked and their with for a burqa ban in India, and the time Sanjay Raut questioned why the Ayodhya situation was taking the government so long and adding that "we destroyed Babri Masjid in 17 minutes".

Here, we'll take you through the Shiv Sena's past, as recalled by Twitter.

Twitter user Nikhil Mehra, (@TweetinderKaul) started collating a laundry list of Sena's 'secular' credentials with several other social media users joining in.

The thread puts together various news articles from over the years. Take a look.