Patients leave YCM Hospital as surgeries postponed, isolation ward on premises

Most patients have stopped visiting out of fear that they will contract the virus from the hospital which has set up an isolation ward. (Express photo/Arul Horizon)

A significant number of patients have discharged themselves from YCM Hospital in Pimpri-Chinchwad as all surgeries have been postponed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Many patients also fear they will contract the virus, as the hospital has set up an isolation ward on its premises where four coronavirus patients are admitted.

As of Thursday, the number of patients admitted to the hospital stands at 350. Though the hospital has a 750-bed capacity, usually the number of admitted patients was 800 or more on any day before the outbreak.

Rajendra Wable, in-charge of the hospital and medical college, said there are two reasons for the hospital's depleting patient strength. "One is that we have postponed all surgeries. Whether minor or major, all surgeries have been postponed till the pandemic subsides. Every day, we used to perform 40 minor and major surgeries, but all have been postponed indefinitely.”

The second reason, he said, could be the isolation ward. "People fear coming to the hospital premises. Though the isolation ward has entry and exits away from the main premises and patients are quarantined, other patients and their relatives want to avoid the hospital at this juncture," he said.