Passengers You Meet on Airplanes With Phone & Internet Access

Domestic flights with desi passengers are going to be an all-new experience. For better, or worse, remains to be seen. Notwithstanding the obvious benefit that it’ll help people stay connected everywhere, this can potentially lead to some turbulence inside the cabin.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has recommended allowing mobile telephony and internet services for passengers during air travel in the country through both satellite and terrestrial network.

So we decided to look at some type of passengers we expect to see (and hear quite loudly) in domestic airlines soon. Tighten your seat belts, for this is going to be a crazy flight.

Sky is no Longer The Limit

Take-off Talkies

There’s a reason why there’s an auto-pilot mode in aircrafts.

Roving Rishtedaar

Because why lose an opportunity to get some in-flight aashirwaad?

Social Butterfly

When it’s important to drop social media check-ins through the entire route of the flight.

In-flight Intrusion

When conversations break boundaries, inconveniently so.

Loud & Clear

Rock n roll. Talk n LOL.


Beg, borrow, steal. Everything is fair, because it’s mid-air.

What do you think will happen with inflight WiFi and phone calls? Share your comments below.

Video Editor: Puneet Bhatia
Producer: Aaqib Raza Khan

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