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American multinational corporation Qualcomm, which was earlier said to be working on a brand of gaming smartphones, will now reportedly be developing a handheld console of its own that will be powered specifically by the upcoming Android 12. As per a report by Android Police, this portable gaming console will strongly resemble the Nintendo Switch, but it will run on Android and house a Snapdragon chipset. The source claimed that it had viewed non-final images of the device but decided not to share them. In short, Qualcomm's portable gaming console will supposedly resemble a thicker smartphone, with detachable controllers on the left and right sides. The source familiar with Qualcomm's plans further stated that the San Diego chip company is planning to use a 6000mAh battery that will support its Quick Charge technology. Though the exact dimensions are not available yet, if the aforementioned information is anything to go by, it could be a modified smartphone with a taller display. Luckily, it will provide the same options as a premium handset, such as a dedicated display output and an SD card reader for future storage expansion. This device will also be running Android 12 with a customised launcher, and yes, users will be able to download Google Play-supported apps and services. Since Qualcomm aims to launch the portable gaming console as early as Q1, 2022, it should be expected a Snapdragon 888 successor to be a part of the innards. It is also believed that this silicon can run at higher clock speeds since this device's thickness will allow Qualcomm to use a beefier cooler.