Participation of all classes is necessary in integrated development of state: CM Gehlot

Jaipur (Rajasthan) February 8 (ANI): A pre-budget dialogue with voluntary organizations, civil societies, and consumer forum was organized under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot at Jaipur. During the meeting Chief Minister said that the participation of all sections of the society is necessary for the coordinated development of the state. The state government will make every effort to increase their participation in the development of the state by making appropriate provisions in the budget for every section of the society. The CM said that during the Corona pandemic crisis, the voluntary organizations had fully supported the state government in helping the needy people. Various organizations were instrumental in fulfilling our pledge 'no one sleeps hungry'. The Chief Minister maintained that in the works related to social security, the State Government has always taken decisions with progressive thinking. Several steps were taken to raise the standard of living of the poor and deprived sections by keeping them at the center. The Chief Minister also said that along with preparing the plans and programs of the State Government, civic organizations and NGOs have an important role in their effective implementation. Every effort will be made to include valuable and important suggestions given in relation to the need for innovation or new schemes according to local needs.