Partial Solar Eclipse to Take Place on 11 August: What Is It?

A partial solar eclipse will take place on 11 August 2018. The solar eclipse is expected to last for approximately 3 hours 30 minutes from 1: 32 pm IST to 5:02 pm IST.

The partial solar eclipse will be visible from several parts of the Northern Hemisphere. NASA has created a Goddard Space Flight Centre (GSFC) map to showcase the path of this eclipse.

What is a Partial Solar Eclipse?

An eclipse is a celestial event during which the Sun, Moon and the Earth are in straight line. During a solar eclipse or surya grahan, the moon obscures the sun, causing a veil of darkness on the Earth. In partial solar eclipse, the moon shrouds only a portion of the Sun.

Can One Witness Partial Solar Eclipse With Bare Eyes?

It is not advisable to watch partial solar eclipse with naked eyes. There are special glasses available in the market through which one should watch the eclipse. It prevents damage to the eyes. Pinhole cameras are also a viable alternative.

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