Parliament's Budget session resumes today; PM Modi hopeful of breakthrough on GST rollout

The Finance Bill and Enemy Property bill is also expected to be raised during the session which will continue till April 12.

After a washed out first session which started on January 31 and concluded on February 9 following presentation of the Union Budget, Parliament resumed its second leg of the budget session today.

The Government is hopeful of gathering enough support to pave way for the successfull roll out of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill.

The Finance Bill and Enemy Property bill is also expected to be raised during the session which will continue till April 12.

Addressing media before the session, PM Narendra Modi said that he is hoping to see a breakthrough on GST bill. "All parties and the states have shown a positive approach to the bill," he said.

"We are hoping that the quality of debate will be good and there will also be a possible breakthrough on GST," the Prime Minister added.

However, on the first day of the session, the Opposition raised concern over the attacks on Indians in the US. It also raked up the anti-terror operation that took place in Lucknow.

Hitting out at the Modi government, Kharge questioned, "why the centre is silent on the issue of US hate crimes?" .

"On Thursday, these issues were raised. We will decide on other issues in rest of the session later," said Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge in Lok Sabha.

Over the opposition attacks, Home Minister Rajnath Singh ensured the house that necessary steps would be taken to regarding Indians' safety in the US.

"We will take steps to ensure that Indians in USA feel secure there. Government will make a detailed statement soon", Rajnath Singh said.

He also informed the Parliament that NIA would investigate the Lucknow encounter operation.

The Home Minister also offered his sympathy to the father of a terror suspect who was killed in an encounter in Lucknow.

"I express sympathy for the father and I am sure the House joins me...the government is proud of Mohammed Sartaj and I am sure you are too," he said.

On Wednesday, Sartaj, father of the a suspected ISIS terrorist who was killed in an encounter, refused to take Saifullah's body, saying, "A traitor cannot be related to me, let alone be my son."

He said he would have handed over his son to the police if he had even "an iota of inkling" about his activities.

"My child has done a wrong thing and I have regrets for it...I would have handed him over to the police had I even an iota of inkling about it...The entire world would have seen and noticed how a father could put his own son in police hands," Sartaj told reporters.