Parl Panel Meeting Discusses Traffic Concerns in Delhi-NCR as Violations Rise Despite Lockdown

Payal Mehta
·3-min read

The Department Related Standing Committee for Subordinate Legislation met under the chairmanship of YSR MP Raghu RamaKrishna Raju for discussion on rules/regulations/bye-laws governing the variation of speed limits of vehicles in Delhi/NCR.

It also argued how there was no real rationale in dividing the national capital into various speed limit zones. There has been a massive surge in the traffic challans in NCR even during the last few months of national lockdown when roads have been near empty.

Special Commissioner for Traffic of Delhi Police and other top officials from the Delhi police, Joint Secretary from Ministry of Home Affairs, Joint Secretary of Ministry of Road and Transport, Principal Secretary of Delhi Transport Ministry, and several top officials, including police officers, were present before the Committee on Tuesday.

Close to eight of the 15 members attended the meeting including Manickram Tagore, Pinaki Misra, Namma Nageswara Rao, A Raja, SPS Baghel amongst others.

Sources say members expressed the reservation about the lack of uniformity as for speed limits are concerned across the national capital that invited huge amount of challan, including that in the lockdown period.

Delhi police informed the members that a pilot project is in place where traffic violation is being recorded by cameras installed in 100 places.

The data is recorded automatically and any violation challan is sent to the violator directly on their mobile phone with video evidence of such violation. Delhi traffic police argued that the scope of error is very minute in this case.

Members told the officials that the speed limits in various places needs to be better advertised. Not just on website, it must be put up on various sign boards.

It is said as per sources that members sought details of the number of challans in the last four months. The data was not readily available with the officials in the meeting. However, in the coming days, it would be made available to the members.

Members expressed their reservation about the kind of public transport system in the capital, including no regulation of auto rickshaws where autos charge passengers arbitrarily and not as per a set meter down rate.

Members also said to the traffic officials how it was a menace given the fact that autos plying in the capital often refrain from expressing readiness to ply passengers and on many an occasion leave it upto the traveller to guide them to the directions to reach destination.

Officials at the meeting assured members all their concerns would be noted and duly addressed. A multi-agency committee would soon be formed for the same.

According to the data available as per Delhi police records, close to 73,000 challans were recorded between March to June this year. Most of the cases at a time when there has been as little as 15 percent traffic on Delhi roads.

In case of over speeding, violation draws a penalty of upto Rs 2,000 for smaller vehicles and ranging from Rs 2,000-4,000 for bigger commercial vehicle. In case of repeat offences license can be impounded.