‘My Parents Are From a Very Simple Background’ Says Khatija Rahman

Writer Taslima Nasreen put out a tweet about feeling suffocated seeing AR Rahman's daughter Khatija wearing a burqa. In an interview with The Quint, AR Rahman has opened up about the burqa controversy, he said that he “didn’t react at all” to such comments and that even he would wear a burqa if he had a chance.

“A male is not supposed to wear a burqa, otherwise I will wear one. It would be so easy to go and shop, find steady life. You know, I think, she finds her freedom. Because she is somebody who will go for a funeral of a maid’s mother or maid’s relative. And I get awestruck with her simplicity and what she does socially.”

AR Rahman’s daughter Khatija Rahman took to her Instagram and said that she wanted to talk about how she was brought up, Khatija stated that it was because of her family’s simple upbringing, that she has been grounded in all walks of life.

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She further mentioned that her father, no matter how busy he would be, he made sure that the entire family go to places of worship and give alms to the poor directly. Khatija also mentioned that they were never forced to be a certain way or be a different person just because they belong to a famous family.

Khatija ended her post with a message for young women, she said that “My learning to share with the world in the last 24 years of my life, especially for young women of today, is - you don’t need a man to validate your beauty”

Tasleema Nasreen received severe backlash after she tweeted "I absolutely love AR Rahman’s music. But whenever I see his dear daughter, I feel suffocated. It is really depressing to learn that even educated women in a cultural family can get brainwashed very easily! (sic)"

Khatija gave a befitting reply saying “Dear Taslima Nasreen, I’m sorry you feel suffocated by my attire. Please get some fresh air, cause I don’t feel suffocated rather I’m proud and empowered for what I stand for. I suggest you google up what true feminism means because it isn’t bashing other women down nor bringing their fathers into the issue. I also don’t recall sending my photos to you for your perusal (sic)"

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