Parents make terrified infant perform parasailing stunt in Kerala

KANNUR: In a case of utter callousness and child rights violation, parents of an 11-month-old baby made her perform a parasailing stunt alone while the child screamed in mortal terror, at the Muzhappilangad beach in Kerala’s Kannur district on Wednesday, according to the New Indian Express.

The stunt has drawn severe criticism and landed the parents on the wrong side of the law.

The KSCPCR said that the child’s parents could be punished under Section 23 of the Juvenile Justice Act.

The New Indian Express reports that the baby, from Kozhikode, “was made to set sail alone clinging on to an open parachute by her parents”. The incident took place at an event held by an aero-sports society, which claimed that the baby had registered a record by sailing alone up in the sky.

The newspaper, quoting eyewitnesses, says that the “parachute soared up around 600 feet as the child tried to cry louder in mortal fear”.

The stunt has evoked the wrath of the Kerala State Commission for Protection of Child Rights. The Kannur police chief too has been castigated for allowing the dangerous stunt.

The argument of the child’s family that safety measures had been taken and that the girl child’s parents are parasailing instructors and were present during the stunt, has not gone down well with the authorities who call the incident a case of cruelty to a child as per the International Child Rights Convention.

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