Parents allow exorcist to kill daughter, rape body. Wanted to appease god for gold

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Parents allow exorcist to kill daughter, rape body. Wanted to appease god for gold

A 15-year-old girl was killed by a self-declared exorcist and raped her dead body in Uttar Pradesh's Kannauj. The parents of the girl were told they would get 5kg gold if they allow him to perform the ritual.

Mahaweer Prasad, a jeweller by profession in Uttar Pradesh's Kannauj, was facing financial issues in his business. He wanted his woes to end as soon as possible.

What Mahaweer did would shock you to the core.


Mahaweer Prasad,55, and his wife Pushpa,50, were advised by one Krishna Sharma that their monetary issues would be resolved if they agree to do what he says.

Sharma, who worked as part-time driver of Mahaweer, told the couple that they would have to sacrifice their 15-year-old daughter to appease the deity. If they do so they will get 5kg gold buried soon after they perform the ritual, a report in Hindustan Times said.

Mahaweer and Pushpa agreed to kill their daughter Kavita.

Kavita was apparently drugged by her parents and taken to a temple where they performed prayers on Tuesday night before she was taken away Krishna Sharma.

Krishna stripped, strangled Kavita infront of her parents. He then raped the dead body. After the act, he slit Kavita's throat to gather her blood to be offered to the deity.

Mahaweer approached the police only when he failed to find any gold even after 'sacrificing' her daughter. Krishna Sharma was later arrested from Thatiya village of Kannauj district.

Kavita's body was recovered from a nearby field the next day and sent for post mortem, Kannauj Additional Superintendent of Police, Keshav Goswami told Hindustan Times .


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