Paper food Packaging most preferred as a comparison to aluminum foil during pandemic says Atul Garg, CEO Oddy Unwrap

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ODDY Uniwraps, an upcoming FMCG brand from Atul Garg’s Group Company, a a renowned player in the stationery and paper products for the past two decades, released the product sale statistics for the financial year 20-21 which shows the sale growth of their paper food packaging products up to 240% with a turnover of Rs. 5.30 Cr.

According to Mr. Atul Garg, CEO of ODDY Uniwraps, “the year 2020 was a tough year for every business. Being into the paper industry and most of the educational institutions closed and education happening online and we were a bit worried about how we will cope the year but we were surprised to see the the massive growth of our paper food packaging products where we saw consumer market preferring to buy paper food packaging instead of aluminum foil during the pandemic.” Explaining the reason for opting for paper food packaging, Atul Garg said, “The most important reason for using paper food packaging is the ill effects of aluminum foil and cling film on human health as well as the environment, which the people have understood now. As the paper food packaging is made of 100% pure wood pulp, it is completely eco friendly and safe to use.” Oddy Uniwraps allow the food to stay hygienic and fresh for a long time and it does not react to the food unlike aluminum foil. Uniwraps is also better than butter paper as it is food safety certified and is 100% non-stick, greaseproof, and microwave oven safe. It can be reheated without removing the wrap & is also suitable for deep-freeze packing.

“The upsurge of making home food and experimenting food making amongst the family members with their kids and active food posting on social media platforms during the lockdown has increased the use of food paper packaging at every home. Everyone is trying a new dish be it baking, snacks, or any other dish, for which they require the food paper for wrapping or cooking, adds Atul Garg.

ODDY Uniwarps products are currently available at their pan India network of thousands of retail stores, modern trade stores, and e-commerce stores. The company is seeing to expand their business in tier 2 & 3 cities of India this year. Expecting the growth of five times more this year, the company signed with LT Foods during the pandemic for a vast distribution network across India and abroad. Today Oddy Uniwraps products are reaching one lakh households pan India. To keep your family healthy & safe, Don’t Wrap your Food, Uniwrap it.