Pantyliner brand Carefree under fire for mentioning 'vagina' in ad

Sydney, July 22 (ANI): The use of the word "vagina" in the latest advertisement for Carefree has conservative groups shocked and complaints piling up.

The commercial for panty liners features a naked woman openly mentioning discharge and using the word "'vagina'" for the first time in an Australian television campaign.

Previously, feminine hygiene advertisements have featured blue liquid, puppets and even men using pads to dress up as superheroes, deliberately avoiding the specifics of the topic.

Carefree said its research revealed that women didn't want their body parts to be referred to in euphemisms any more.

"They want honesty and clarity," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted the spokeswoman as saying.

But Family First said the word "vagina" was not one that should be used in general conversation and it could cause embarrassment to parents who have to explain it to young kids.

"I understand it can be used in medical discussions but it's not appropriate in an ad when young ears are listening," the NSW president of Family First, Jason Cornelius, said.

The Advertising Standards Bureau has received more than 40 complaints since the ad first screened last week. Most complaints were about the nakedness of the woman. (ANI)