Pankaj Tripathi's Presence From Amazon Prime Video To Netflix Makes Twitter Erupt In Memes And Jokes

Moumita Bhattacharjee
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This year has been disastrous for Bollywood and theatres with no movie shoots or releases. But it turned out to be a boon for OTT platforms which upped its game to entertain the audience and added many new users to their subscribers' list thanks to lockdown. That also helped many actors revive their careers while we are supremely glad to see many others at frequent intervals. We are talking about Pankaj Tripathi of course. He is everywhere in the digital space and we are super happy about it. We aren't the only ones though. Twitter is inundated with memes and jokes about him which shows how cool it is to see him on many OTT platforms. Mirzapur Season 2 Star Pankaj Tripathi Says Acting Is a Spiritual Process for Him

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So there are some jokes on Tripathi's neck movements which according to many should be a character in itself, while his BSDk is getting a lot of love too. Find them all here...

Tripathi as Charlie's Angel? Hmm...not a bad idea!


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Fan struggles...

Proud to have a Tripathi

He can adjust in any family...such a family guy!


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Some benchmarks he sets!

Here's what he must be feeling


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Pankaj Tripathi has proved his mettle in multiple roles and now he is a challenge for the filmmakers to come up with interesting characters. We wonder if any filmmaker in India has the potential to rise up to that occasion.