Panjab University develops human bite force measuring device in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, Dec 17 (ANI): Design Innovation Centre (DIC), UIET, Panjab University in Chandigarh has developed a human bite force measuring device which is used to measure human-biting force capacity, said principal investigator of the project Prashant Jindal. Speaking to ANI, Jindal said, “This device is used to assess biting force related disorders and recovery rates of post operated patients who have undergone maxillofacial surgeries.” “The purpose of the device is that it gives us the estimate of how much is the biting force capacity of a patient and based on the number the surgeon can evaluate whether the bite force is normal or less and if it is less then what could be the issue with the jaw and tooth and the muscles in the face," he added. Jindal further stated that if anyone goes for a surgery related to jaw and face after the surgery performed it needs to evaluate that has the patient removed successfully to original condition or not. "So far we have done 100 successful trials over normal patients who do not have any problem in their jaws. So now we will be conducting a test for those patients who have specific issues to their tooth, jaw and face and based on that we will be able to assess that this device is useful to the people who were suffering to any disease also and after that we will be going for its commercialisation," he said.