This Panda Shows You How to Nail That Selfie

Pandas are not just cute, they’re fabulously photogenic too. Add to that their harmless smile and their therapeutic presence, pandas can well be the digital generations’ Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Pandas are known for eating and sleeping a lot, just like anyone of us. However, one of the 108 bears at the Dujiangyan Research Base for Giant Pandas is breaking the stereotype and is doing something that no other of his species has done before.

He has become the selfie king of the world and is going viral!

This Panda Knows How to Handle a Selfie Stick Like a Boss!

There, there. Learn all you Instagrammers. (Photo Courtesy: Facebook/CHINY to LUBIĘ)

And Eats a Piece of Bamboo Better Than a Piece of Chicken

‘Look how cute my fingers are!’ (Photo Courtesy: Facebook/CHINY to LUBIĘ)

Will the Warmest Hugs and the Cutest Teeth

AWWWWW! (Photo Courtesy: Facebook/CHINY to LUBIĘ)

Brides, Here's Competition, You Need to up Your Game!

Keep calm, it’s just an adorable panda! (Photo Courtesy: Facebook/CHINY to LUBIĘ)

Now here’s your Tuesday motivation. You can thank us late.

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