Panasonic introduces progressive IoT technology

Panasonic has been making home appliances for a long time that have become necessary for daily life. About a hundred years ago, Panasonic developed two-lamp socket for the first time. This device makes running electric current flow to two light bulbs simultaneously. Light bulb and lighting technology still have the potential of new technology. The technology of electricity that once only used to light up bulbs has changed into a technology that integrates consumer electronics and information. The theme of the seminar is "PLC, Power Line Communication". PLC technology conveys information through line of appliance cord, power line, coaxial cable for TV, and control line. The experiment is to control the lighting of trees from a distant place through a power cable. The power cable is simply connected to the wall outlet. It turns the red light into a different color. The line in this video is also used by PLC technology. Panasonic technology that originated from a simple light bulb socket aims to be a pioneer in information society and infrastructure.