Pammi Aunty to review 'MTV Roadies' on VOOT

New Delhi [India], Mar.30 (ANI): Pammi Aunty is back and this time with a new series named 'Pammi Aunty Rising- The deadliest Critic Ever' on VOOT.

Ssumeir Pasricha, who plays the character Pammi aunty, will review every episode of MTV's show 'Roadies' in her signature style.

In the promo, Pammi aunty can be seen having an argument with her best friend Sarla saying that Roadies has made her life miserable and she always felt Sarla was her 'best friend forever.'

Pammi aunty will be seen losing a bet with her daughter-in-law and now as a punishment, she has to watch Roadies. She doesn't understand why everyone is going crazy with Roadies for last 15 years.

She is wondering as to why a cricketer like Harbhajan Singh, who used to hang out with cool people like Virat Kohli and Dhoni, has to share screen with Karan Kundra, why the youngsters of this country love this show, whats with the IQ level of Prince and what's Roadies' fixation with Push-ups.

The only reason which makes her happy is Rannvijay, becasue she has a 'Mom crush' on him and she adores him.

She will review every episode of the show and have a caustic take on everything what she sees. (ANI)