Paleolithic unearthed in Anyi pushes Jiangxi's history forward 50,000 years

Meera Venugopal
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21 Feb 2021: Paleolithic unearthed in Anyi pushes Jiangxi's history forward 50,000 years

Li Chaorong, a researcher at the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Xu Changqing, from Jiangxi Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology; and Hu Xiangang, a cultural relic lover in Anyi county have been studying archaeology for 26 years.

Together, the three of them conducted a survey of paleo human activities in Anyi County.

Paleolithics: The Paleolithics have been identified by various institutes

The preliminary results from the survey have put the human activities in Jiangxi Province forward by more than 100,000 years.

The Paleolithic found in Zhanglinggang, has been identified by the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology of China and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

These institutes believe that the findings will fill a gap in the distribution of Paleolithics known in China.

Relics: Many ancient relics have been uncovered

A large number of Shang and Zhou Dynasties utensils have been found at the Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery.

In 1982, the bronze chess unearthed from Changbu town in the second year of Chongning (1103) of the Northern Song Dynasty is a rare treasure.

In the Qing Dynasty, Empress Dowager Cixi once gave a satin plaque to Holy Water Temple in Anyi county.

Scholars: Anyi has many famous scholars

It's not easy to imagine that Anyi county is an ancient cultural village with a history of more than 1,400 years.

Anyi notably has many famous scholars. From the Song to the Qing Dynasty, there were 110 Tien Si and 185 Juren that is recorded.

This is not to be underestimated as Anyi had a population of around 10,000 at that time.

Poetry: Anyi is the hometown of Chinese poetry

Anyi is "the hometown of Chinese poetry" and Anyi poetry has a history of more than 1,300 years.

Huang Tingjian, a famous poet of the Northern Song Dynasty, once gave lectures and discussed poetry in Leihu Academy, leaving many magnificent poems.

Anyi Wenfeng poetry society holds poetry meetings and its members are all over the world. Many poems have won national and provincial awards.

Building materials: Building material industry was built from scratch in Anyi

The building materials industry in Anyi were developed from scratch.

There are industry clusters of aluminium, plastic, steel, glass, microcrystalline jade, glass, glue, bathroom, aluminium doors and windows.

In 2016, the total industrial output value was 10.531 billion yuan and production capacity was 960,000 tons, ranking third in China.

At present, the industry ranks 26th among the 61 industry clusters in the whole province.