Pakistani PM says 'no doubt' that India was behind stock exchange attack

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    According to should call them freedom fighter as you pronounce kashmiri freedom fighters
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    Manoj K
    In that case , I am sure you are going show us the proof that India was behind the attach on your Stock exchange building or whatever it was. Go for it..
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    it seems , the attackers used china search server instead of google and mistaken blasts pakistan building assuming india ..
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    Power comes with responsibility. Irresponsible comments will lead to power loss status.
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    well wisher
    Do not allege without sharing proof,if you have??
    Act and talk like PM.
    This is not cricket.
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    Rahul K
    Bhai Imran miya, you called osama bin laden a martyr, NO DOUBT many more in your country are motivated to achieve martyrdom
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    It seems imran & rahul graduated from same school not college .
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    Thank you so much Imran for making me laugh, I really needed it today !!
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    Prove it man..
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    Saravanan SANJEEVI
    Non sense