Pakistan's leaked document shows experts wanted month-long lockdown

Simran Kashyap

Lahore, June 02: A leaked government document reveals authorities ignored experts who wanted a month-long lockdown in Pakistan's Punjab province and who estimated 670,000 might have been infected in the provincial capital of Lahore.

After media published the experts' report Tuesday, residents criticized the government for easing the restrictions last month instead of heeding the recommendation. The report was based on a sample survey done in Lahore, which had 245 deaths through May 15.

Since then, Punjab has reported nearly 200 more fatalities related to COVID-19.

The document surfaced hours before Prime Minister Imran Khan relaxed more coronavirus restrictions implemented in March, saying Pakistanis must learn how to live with the virus since lockdowns don't treat the disease. Pakistan has registered 1,621 fatalities amid 76,398 cases.

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