Pakistan's ISI aids pro-Khalistan group in UK

A latest intelligence report reveals that Babbar Khalsa International, a pro-Khalistan group, is working to strengthen its network across Britain.The report says that Babbar Khalsa International is receiving funds from Pakistan's spy agency, the ISI, to expand their presence worldwide. The ISI is also making attempts to bolster other pro-Khalistan groups in cities like Birmingham, Derby and Coventry. These groups are also trying to increase their influence at gurudwaras and other religious places across Britain. With the help of pro-Khalistan organizations, the Pakistani spy agency is making attempts to influence Sikh immigrants and brainwash them in acting against India. They have also been circulating forged and fake documents with the help of different groups on social media in India. The intelligence report suggests that Pakistan's ISI is trying to radicalise Sikh youth in India by spreading misinformation. The agency is also believed to be targeting Indian pilgrims visiting the Kartarpur Sahib gurudwara in Pakistan. For this purpose, Pakistani authorities recently allowed Sikh for Justice, to open its office in Lahore and launch Referendum 2020 campaign. According to reports, several rounds of meetings have also taken place between members of Hafiz Saeed's Jamat-ud-Dawa and Sikh for Justice.