Pakistan's high-quality BRT bus breaks down in Peshawar, passengers made to push bus

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Passengers pushing the BRT bus that broke down in Peshawar.
Passengers pushing the BRT bus that broke down in Peshawar.

Peshawar [Pakistan], November 21 (ANI): Pakistan's high-quality bus-based transit system that had a rocky start in Peshawar has once again come under the line of fire when one of its buses broke down on the main corridor near the Abdara station leading to the social media users questioning the country's bus-based transit system and the Imran Khan-led administration.

According to a video shared by Geo New journalist, Murtaza Ali Shah, the passengers and nearby locals on Friday had to come to the rescue of the BRT vehicle.

Meanwhile, this incidence has led to the Pakistanis question the government's expensive project.

"Peshawar BRT Service is just like Pakistan," said Sardar Raffiq Bazai PMAP, a Twitter user.

Another person has tweeted, "Passengers are pushing a BRT sub at station in Peshawar. This is NAYA Pakistan development intervention. HOPE FOR BEST"

"The state of Pakistan's economy is no different than this BRT bus. Those who installed an incompetent bunch through a rigged election and those who facilitated legally & practically the dirty game that started with Panama petition MUST ALL be held accountable by Pakistanis!" said another Twitter user.

Naila Inayat, another Twitter user, said, "Peshawar BRT is a true reflection of Naya Pakistan."

"BRT Peshawar has come to epitomize the hopeless nature of the puppet regime imposed by puppeteers on the country. The ill conceived project, burdened with manufactural defects, seems to be beyond repairs," said another Twitter user.

Another user by the name Faq said, "Whole Pakistan, leaving few sane voices, similar to BRT."

"Residents pay their tribute to the amazing services of BRT by giving ride to one of it's busses," said History of Pakistan.

This comes just a few months after the BRT project in Peshawar city of Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province faced criticism by the people after the stations got flooded and witnessed water leakages during heavy rains.

Several videos went viral on social media showing water leakages at the stations.

The BRT project has been constructed by a consortium led by China Railway 21st Bureau Group and it has witnessed several accidents since its inauguration on August 13.

The project, built at a cost of Rs 70 billion is a 27.5 kilometre-long corridor track with 31 stations and seven feeder routes stretching 62km with 146 stops to facilitate thousands of passengers every day. (ANI)