Pakistan's GSP Status Should be Revoked, Demands Europe India Business Chamber in Letter to EU Commissioner For Trade

Team Latestly

London, September 14: The Europe India Chamber of Commerce wrote to the European Union (EU) Commissioner for Trade, calling for immediate withdrawal of the Generalised System Preferences (GSP) plus status to Pakistan. The letter, addressed to Cecilia Malmstrom, the EU Commissioner for Trade, also asked for the prevention of the “systematic genocide against religious minorities and worsening human rights situation in the country.” Imran Khan Says 'Unfair' to Blame Pakistan For US Failure in Afghanistan, Says 'CIA-Funded Mujahideen Now Seen as Terrorists'.

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The letter was written on September 12. It asks for Pakistan's GSP status be revoked because of violation of human rights and the "persecution of Hindus, Christians and Sikhs." Pakistan Will Not Be on World Map Again, Says Indresh Kumar.

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“Pakistani Christians, Hindus and Sikhs are powerless in front of Courts, as the perpetrators get false age & marriage certificates from madrasas, and the Courts do not verify the documents. Christians and other minorities are not only "soft targets" for the militancy, but also victims of socioeconomic and political exclusion in the country."

"You shall be shocked to see the two attachments we are able to provide to you giving you the list of abducted and forcibly converted girls in the last 75 days in Pakistan and harassment of minority girls in the country,” the letter reads. The meeting of the European Parliament Sub-Committee on Human Rights (DRO) on September 9 had also discussed the issue of GSP status to Pakistan after its members raised the issue of minorities in Pakistan.