Pakistani TV Show Faces Criticism With ‘Blackface’ Make-Up Segment

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‘Blackface’ makeup segment on Pakistan TV  

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A popular morning show, Jago Pakistan Jago recently hosted a bridal make-up contest where one of the rounds titled ‘Mera Makeup Hai Kamal (My Makeup is Amazing)’ ended up mocking darker skin tones. The participants at the competition had to prove their ‘best’ make-up skills by giving women a bridal makeover, transforming them into beautiful brides, and to make the challenge a little more difficult, they asked the make-up artists to turn dusky models into beautiful brides.

But instead of simply calling dark-skinned models, light skin-toned models were given a makeover with make-up artists putting dark foundation on their faces to resemble dusky models, essentially a form of blackface.

And Why is it Problematic?

In 19th century America, ‘blackface’ was used a lot by white performers who painted their faces dark and performed ridiculous stereotypes about African Americans in Minstrel shows.

Pakistani Shows Hitting A New Low And It's Not Cool

“Habshi”, “Habshan”, “Makrani”, and “Negro” were the kind of words that were constantly used by the make-up artists for people with dark complexion. The show turned out to be offensive for a lot of people, and of course, people called it out on social media.

Social Media Furious

Every time a sensitive topic comes under discussion at these shows, the public, of course, does not forget to raise its voice against the matter.

On Twitter, the show was accused of promoting “Pakistan’s obsession with fair skin.”

Although Hum TV has not responded nor issued an apology on the matter, Pakistan Today reported that stills from the show have been removed from the TV show's official page.

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