Pakistani Man Unleashes Pet Lion on Electrician to Avoid Paying Him

The caretaker of place of worship in Pakistan allegedly unleashed a pet lion on a electrician who was trying to collect late payment.

The attacker, identified as Ali Raza, was the caretaker of Imambargah Sada-e-Imam Hussain, a semninary in Pakistan's Shahdra in Punjab province. The incident allegedly took place in September. According to local reports, the electrician, Mohammad Rafique, had been hired to render certain services at the Imambargah. When the work was over, Raza allegely delayed payment for several days.

On September 9, when the discussion got too heated after the electrician insisted on payment, Raza allegedly set his pet lion on him.

The victim did not immediately file legal charges. As per a report in Dawn, Raza had allegedly promised to pay for treating the electrician's injuries as well as a compensation for the attack. However, the victim chose to report the incident in October since no such amount was ever paid to him.

Raza has been booked under attempt to murder charges. As per the victim's account, Raza and two others merely stood there and watched while the lion mauled Rafiq. It was only when bystanders heard his cries and came to his rescue that the man was saved.

As of the lion, whether Raza had a permit to keep the it and what became of the animal after the incident is as yet unknown.