Pakistani Man Arrested for Wearing a Wolf Mask on New Year's Eve, Twitter Asks 'What's Wrong?'

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If there's one thing that 2020 taught humanity, it was the importance of wearing face masks in the ongoing pandemic that has claimed the lives of millions of citizens across the globe.

However, a man in Peshawar, Pakistan had to pay the price for masking up while venturing out on New Year's Eve of 2021. What's wrong you ask? The mask, in itself, wasn't a protective covering but a costume mask to scare off people. Yep.

The man in question was covered in a wolf mask when he planned to "prank" people on the last day of 2020 following which he was detained by the authorities.

Sharing the incident on microblogging site Twitter, Pakistani journalist Omar R Quraishi posted a photo in which the man, donning the mask, can be seen handcuffed along with the cops in the frame, posing for the photograph.

The bizarre incident didn't go unnoticed on social media and netizens were left in splits. Many "lauded" him albeit sarcastically for being "responsible" for at least wearing a mask in times of coronavirus.

Many others wondered why the man was arrested for wearing a mask while the cop in the photograph wasn't sporting any.

Calls for freeing the wolfman were made by amused netizens.

Will the "wolfman" be freed? Stay tuned!