Pakistani Leader says Arundhati Roy, Mamata Banerjee, Congress and Communist Party Are ‘Sympathisers’ of Pakistan

Team Latestly

Lahore, August 12: A video that has gone viral on on social media shows a Pakistani politician and defence expert calling several prominent Indian personalities as "sympathisers" of Pakistan. 

Telecast on Geo TV, the video has the journalist Mushahid Hussain saying that "all of India is not  with Modi" and that author Arundhati Roy, West Bengal Chief Minister and TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee and political parties like Indian National Congress and Communist Party are "sympathisers" of Pakistan. 

"We have to approach this issue in a serious and sustained manner. This is a long battle. India is a big country. And many people from India are sympathisers with you like Arundhati Roy, Mamata Banerjee, Congress party, Communist party, and Dalit parties. All of India is not with Modi," he went on to say.

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Pakistan had earlier said that it will observe August 14 as 'Kashmir Solidarity Day' and August 15, which is India's Independence Day, as 'Black Day' following the Indian government's move on Jammu and Kashmir.