Pakistani gang jailed for raping 50 white British girls

Indo Asian News Service

London, May 9 (IANS) Nine members of a gang - eight Pakistanis and one Afghan - have been sentenced to jail for a combined 77 years by a British court for the sexual abuse and rape of up to 50 white girls, a media report said.

The gang plied teenagers with alcohol before abusing them in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, the Daily Mail reported.

As many as 47 girls were given alcohol, gifts and money before being passed around to have sex with several men a day, several times a week, the report said.

At least one victim was forced to have sex with 20 men in one night when she was drunk, police said. Two became pregnant as a result of the ordeal. One of them was 13 and had an abortion.

The ringleader, a 59-year-old who was not named, was jailed for 19 years for conspiracy, rape, aiding and abetting a rape, sexual assault and trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Kabeer Hassan, 25, was jailed for nine years for rape and three years, concurrently, for conspiracy.

Abdul Aziz, 41, was sentenced to nine years for conspiracy and nine years, concurrently, for trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Abdul Rauf, 43, was jailed for six years for conspiracy and six years, concurrently, for trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Mohammed Sajid, 35, was sentenced to 12 years for rape, six years for conspiracy, one year for trafficking and six years, all concurrent, for sexual activity with a child. He will be deported back to Pakistan following the conclusion of his sentence.

Adil Khan, 42, was given eight years for conspiracy and eight years, concurrently, for trafficking for sexual exploitation. He fathered a child from a 13-year-old victim.

Mohammed Amin, 45, was sentenced to five years for conspiracy and 12 months, concurrently, for sexual assault.

Abdul Qayyum, 44, was jailed for five years for conspiracy.

Hamid Safi, 22, was jailed for four years for conspiracy and one year, concurrently, for trafficking. He will be deported back to Afghanistan following his sentence.

Former Labour MP for Keighley Ann Cryer said the authorities had ignored complaints about the accused because they were afraid of being called racist.