Pakistani Designer Amir Adnan Blends Ragas With Clothes For Runway

Pakistan's top menswear designer Amir Adnan gave a sneak peak of his collection on Thursday, prior to the start of Bridal Couture Week in Karachi. Adnan invited three young classical singers to accompany the models during his runway presentation, which showcases a new collection reminiscent of the age-old grandeur and tradition of the land.

Amir Adnan (Photo Courtesy: FB Page/Amir Adnan)

The three singers are scions of a renowned family of classical musicians. Wali, Inam and Nayab, sons of renowned musician Ustad Hamid Ali Khan, have a band called Raga Boyz. Their music will accompany the unveiling of Adnan's collection.

They will also wear the Sherwanis, the dress of choice for traditional grooms in Pakistan and parts of India, that Adnan is famed for designing.

Wali Hamid Ali Khan, Raga Boyz BandAs I come from a family of classical musicians, a lot of my ancestors wore traditional clothes, and this collection reminded me of it. That is why we have also created a fusion of classical music, improvising on Khyal and Raga, particularly for the runway. The music and clothes are closely related and intertwined, and I am sure people will enjoy the collection and its presentation.

The Raga Boyz Band (Photo Courtesy: FB/Raga Boyz)

The largely monochromatic collection, says Adnan, is rooted in the traditions of the land. It is the colour combinations, silhouettes and cuts, he adds, where he has improvised.

A business graduate with distinct aesthetics, Adnan is a veteran of the fashion industry and is counted among Pakistan’s most internationally recognised designers.

Amir Adnan on His Work Philosophy

Amir Adnan, Designer (It is about) how much of the thought process already exists in the database, in the knowledge bank; that is more important to me. I have been doing this for 27 years now. So it’s 27 years of research, 27 years of exposure, 27 years of thought process that goes into it; and the physical process of putting it together could be days, weeks or hours. But that physical implementation is not that important, the thought process that goes behind it is the main thing.

Adnan has also showcased in fashion capitals across the globe and has a strong international clientele, particularly among expatriates, but he is also focused on local business. In addition to menswear, Adnan’s collection also includes women’s bridal wear featuring traditional and hand-woven embroidery. Adnan’s wife Huma is the designer behind the women’s wear. An established designer in her own right, she also runs a street fashion label called FnkAsia. She has also been integral to the success of Amir’s Adnan brand.

Huma Adnan on Her Collection

Huma Adnan, DesignerWe go back to the past. We go back to 1940, 1950, when there used to be a Sehra written for the groom. Sehra is a song which is actually sung when a boy gets married in a family.

Huma Adnan (Photo Courtesy: FB/Huma Adnan)

Over two dozen designers, including the biggest names of Pakistani fashion, will be showcasing their bridal collections at the Bridal Couture Week from 31 March to 2 April.

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Video Editor: Ashutosh Bhardwaj

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