Pakistani Actors Call for Peace Between India and Pak By Rapping

Amidst the tensions between India and Pakistan, veteran Pakistani actors Bushra Ansari and Asma Abbas, who happen to be sisters, rapped to thaw the tensions between the two countries.

They rapped to the verses written by Neelum Ahmad Bashir highlighting the unnecessary hatred that has been cultivated between the two countries for decades.

The video was released on Ansari’s YouTube channel, where she and Abbas play neighbours who are from India and Pakistan, respectively and are separated by a wall, both literally and metaphorically.

“Gawand ne, gawand ne, sohniye gawand ne, gall sun gall sun kann laake gall sun, chidiyaan tey kaan jado udd udd aande ney; jad laggey da meri churiyaan churaande ne, ni oh kehre daftaran ton visey kadhandey ne…Karda hai jee mera chidi ban jaava, jado karey jee mera jhapphi tainu paava (Listen my sweet neighbour, when sparrows and crows come flying freely across the border and take away my food, from which office do they get their visas? I wish I become a bird and hug you whenever I want to).”

They try to understand the reason behind the divide between the two countries. The food, the music, the language, everything is the same and still there is an insurmountable wall between the two nations.

The YouTube description of the video called it “a music video that goes beyond war and borders to the hearts of people living so close, and yet so far away.”

Here’s Neelum Ahmad Basheer reciting her creation:

Love and peace message to freinds from india and Pakistan

Posted by Neelum Ahmad Basheer on  Wednesday, March 6, 2019

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