‘Pakistan took advantage of pandemic to push cross-border terror’: India at UN

India lashed out at Pakistan over cross-border terrorism and other issues at the United Nations. ‘While world has come to a standstill due to COVID, Pakistan has enhanced support to cross border terrorism taking advantage of it. Pakistan is trying to create divisions among our religious communities as well. Fortunately, their provocation is falling on deaf ears since India has had a tradition of pluralism and co-existence where all communities live in harmony under a democratic framework,’ first secretary of India’s permanent mission at UN, Aashish Sharma said. He also spoke about Pakistan’s abysmal record in matters of sectarian violence and said that Islamabad should first set its own house in order. The Indian diplomat also condemned Pakistan’s statement and said that Islamabad has time and again abused the United Nations platform to further its own nefarious political agenda. Sharma also said that India had dealt with the Covid pandemic in the most transparent manner and equal access to medical facilities had been provided to all citizens with special emphasis to the vulnerable communities. Watch the full video for all the details.