Pakistan suffering from increasing menace of dacoits

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Islamabad [Pakistan], May 28 (ANI): Pakistan is suffering from the increasing menace of dacoits, even after numerous police actions. The Sindh and Punjab provinces are especially struggling with the dacoits who are staging a resurgence every now and then.

According to The News International, police actions have in the past saw varying levels of success with enormous sacrifices rendered by law-enforcement personnel, however, Punjab and Sindh are are witnessing renewed actions and are likely to strike a deathly blow to the gangs operating in those areas.

The notorious Ladi gang of robbers has been active lately in kidnappings and killings of alleged informants of the police in the tribal areas of Punjab's DG Khan, reported the Pakistani daily.

Some of the areas in southern Punjab, especially in DG Khan, are infamous for their lawlessness. Influential family and political heads wield enormous powers are also enabling the problem in these areas.

Some recently circulating videos have shown brutal torture and killings by dacoits operating in those areas with impunity. To make matters worse, tribal enmities have badly disturbed peace in these regions and are in desperate need of a proper strategy to tackle these.

Meanwhile in Sindh as well, the dacoit problem has generated recurrent violence, and outlaws appear to operate at their will, according to The News International.

In the northern districts of Sindh, criminal gangs have hideouts that are hard to eliminate in the riverine forests, accompanied by countless brutal encounters with the police.

The Pakistani newspaper also reported that a recent clash had left two policemen, a guard, and a photographer dead and half a dozen others injured. Local influentials are also involved in patronising the criminals.

The problem is likely to keep recurring unless better education and health facilities and top-class training and equipment for local law-enforcement officials. (ANI)