Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan Believes Japan and Germany Share a Border. Erm...

Pakistan and India share a border. But do Japan and Germany share a border? Well, tell that to Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan.

At a joint press conference that Imran Khan was conveying with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Tehran, Khan misspoke and delved into great detail about ties on the border of 'Germany and Japan' when he really meant, 'Germany and France.' But it didn't stop at one gaffe. He kept talking about the 'border of Germany and Japan' in great detail.

In a video posted on Twitter, Khan can be heard saying, "The more trade you have with each other, your ties automatically become stronger. Germany and Japan killed millions of their civilians until after the Second World War they decided that...on the border, on the border region of Germany and Japan, to have joint industries." He really kept harping on the 'border' and the 'border region' these two countries share. The video also shows a series of confused delegates,  puzzled at this newly revealed geographic boundary.

Japan is an island country in East Asia located in the Pacific. Germany is in central Europe. They had the same location during the 2nd World War in which they were allies. But PM Imran thinks otherwise and says so before international audience.

— Syed Talat Hussain (@TalatHussain12) April 22, 2019

Japan and Germany are pretty far away from each other. Japan is also an island country, and doesn't really share its borders with any other countries. According to Google Maps, the fastest way to get from Germany to Japan or vice versa is a flight, that takes 1 entire day and 22 hours. People on the Internet did not miss this slip-of-tongue.

According to Imran Khan, Japan and Germany share borders. ‍♂️However, in map, the distance from to is 9043 kms.‍♂️

— Amir Abbas Turi (@AmirAbbasTuri) April 22, 2019

Please don’t tell Germany and Japan

Hey Bhagwan ‍♀️ in Naya Pakistan PM Imran Khan has no idea about countries

— Veengas (@VeengasJ) April 22, 2019

After his slip of tongue, Pakistan Twitter also started trending #JapanGermanyBorder and two of the top trends were 'Germany' and 'Japan.' This is also not the first time that the Pakistani Prime Minister got a bit confused when it came to geography. At a press conference in December last year, he called Africa an "emerging country."

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