Pakistan openly facilitating Khalistani separatists

After their numerous attempts at propagating anti-India sentiments in the West failed terribly albeit Islamabad pumped in millions of dollars to revive the dead Khalistan movement, desperate Pakistan has now openly started facilitating the anti-India movement. On the occasion of celebrating the Pakistan Day in Canada's capital Ottawa, Canadian Senator of Pakistani origin Salman Attaullahjan, who organised the event in the Parliament Hill, invited a prominent proponent of Khalistan, Sukhminder Singh Hansra. Hansara, who openly advocates for Khalistan and is a leading figure in the separatist movement in Canada, was provided with a platform to spew venom against India. Praising Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan, Hansara openly thanked Islamabad for supporting their satanic movement, which has seen zero support from the Sikhs living world over. While Hansara's presence at the event irked Indo-Canadian community, Pakistan on the other hand has been relentless in supporting and facilitating the anti-India movement. Islamabad's notorious spy agency, the ISI, has not only been providing funds to the pro-Khalistan organisations, but Pakistan has also given the heinous agencies access to their land to carry out their anti-India movement. Sikhs For Justice, a Pro-Khalistan advocacy group based in the West which is running a secessionist campaign to hold Referendum to liberate Punjab from India, recently announced to start registration for "Team 2020" from Gurdwara Panja Sahib, Hasan Abdal, Pakstan where thousands of Sikh pilgrims from Punjab and across the world will be visiting to pay obeisance during the 320th Khalsa Sajna Divas. Pakistan has also provided land to `Sikhs For Justice' to open their permanent office in Lahore to facilitate the pro-khalistan votes. Although Sikhs in India as well as abroad have out rightly rejected their satanic movement, desperation has only been growing in the pro-Khlistan camps and their master Pakistan and now, their open support is showing their true motives and colours to the world.

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